Warfare 1917

Join the exciting Warfare 1917 game and command British or German troops in epic World War I battles! Can you lead your soldiers to victory?

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Warfare 1917 is a super fun strategy game where you get to be the leader of an army during World War I! You can choose to lead the British or the Germans, and your adventure happens in the trenches of Europe. This game is all about making smart plans to win!

As the big boss of your army, your mission is to guide your brave soldiers to take control of the land and trenches while they battle against computer-controlled enemies. You have to be smart and quick to win the battle. And remember, each victory brings new and exciting things for you and your team!

How to Play

To start your adventure, you get to tell your soldiers what to do. You can choose from riflemen, machine gunners, assaulters, officers, sharpshooters, and even tanks! They're all ready to help you win your battles, whether it's in the British or German campaigns or in the custom mode you create.

But that's not all! You also get to call in support weapons like artillery, mortar, and mustard gas. But remember, these weapons need time to get ready, just like your soldiers. So make sure you plan when to use them wisely!

In the game, you'll also discover special versions of different soldiers. These are super soldiers that are really good at what they do. They're based on the real differences between the armies during World War I. For example, you might meet the powerful Sturmtruppen or the big Mark IV Tank. As you win more and more battles, you'll get more of these super units to help you!

There's more you should know!

And now, for the most important part - winning the game. To win, you need to either take over enough of the enemy's side of the battlefield or beat enough enemy soldiers to deplete their morale and make them surrender.

But be careful! If your team loses too many soldiers or if the enemy takes over your side of the battlefield, you might lose the battle.

So, are you ready to take on the challenge, brave general? Every battle you win makes you and your team stronger. And remember, the more you think and make smart plans, the more fun you'll have. Now, let's lead our soldiers to victory!

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