Ashes in the Air

In Avatar: Ashes in the Air game, Prince Zuko set the whole town on fire. Work with Aang and Katara, use their bending skills, and extinguish the fire!

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Fire Nation’s Prince Zuko and his evil minions have set fire to the town! Play the Ashes in the Air game to help Aang and Katara extinguish the blaze before the place burns down. Use the benders’ unique abilities, and don’t let the city turn into ashes.

You have the chance to become everyone’s hero by playing as Avatar Aang! He will send the flames in Katara’s direction, who will use her water skills to put the fires out. Use your best strategies and quickly blow out the inferno to save the population.

Be careful not to get burned!

To manipulate the Air Bender, you need to get used to the controllers first. All you have to do is press the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys to make him move and send the flames in Katara’s direction. She will use her water whip only when the fire reaches one of the blue symbols.

You will notice various flammable objects scattered across the land, such as dry hay, trees, and wooden structures. Sometimes, these will have to be ignited so you can pass a level. But be cautious not to lose control of the fires!

The town is structured in 20 districts, all of which you have to solve to win the game. Even though Aang is free to move around any way he likes, his air bending gestures are limited. You begin each level with a total of 9 moves. Use them wisely!

Be thoughtful when merging fire spots into each other! This can help preserve the bending moves, but it could turn into a disaster. Make sure you don’t combine more than three flames, or else they will form a blazing inferno. It means you failed to save the region.

Consider these tips before acting!

Besides Katara’s powers, puddles and water barrels can also help extinguish fires. Moreover, you have the chance to boost your score by saving the districts in a short time and using as little moves as you can.

If you think your actions were wrong and can no longer put out all the flames, restart the level! You start the game with five resets, and for every saved zone, you receive another chance to begin over. But keep in mind these will lower your result! There is a penalty of 3000 points whenever you restart.

Combine your best strategies and the power of teamwork to defend the burning city!