Fortress Fight

Fight together with Aang and his friends in the Fortress Fight game! Now you can battle as the folks used to in the four nations - using huge catapults!

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Join your favorite Avatar: The Last Airbender characters while playing the Fortress Fight game! The Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, and Fire Nation are all waiting for your help, so how about you choose a side and help?

You will receive an enormous catapult! Your job is to destroy your opponent’s fortress before they do any damage to yours to win. Aang, the Airbender himself, Katara, and Zuko are here to guide you through everything so that you will succeed! 

Get ready to defend your nation!

You can have fun and play by yourself, or you can battle against a friend! And if you wish to do so, but have no one next to you, you have the chance to challenge them from afar. All you have to do is choose your fortress, yours and your friend’s email address and you’re good to go!

In every battle, there is always a side you should pick to support. You have the opportunity to help the Earth, Water, or the Fire Nation. Your main task is to tear down the enemy’s base before he does so with yours!

The only controller you need to use is your mouse. By moving it around, you can adjust the throwing angle. Then you should balance it with the amount of power by holding down the Left button and releasing it to fire.

As for the projectiles that you can launch, there are three types. The small ones are the most accurate, yet they cause the least damage. The medium size will extend into three, covering a larger area. And the biggest one will make the most destruction, but they are the least accurate.

Choose your moves wisely! You can’t use the same projectile two times in a row.

Have no mercy on your enemies!

Every now and then, you may notice two kinds of symbols. You should aim through them for bonus points! If your projectile passes through the green token, it will reduce the damage to your fortress. And if you manage to meet the black and orange emblem, then you will inflict more harm!

Choosing the right combination of power and angle will probably take a while, but you can only succeed by trying! And don’t feel disappointed if you get defeated- it just means you aren’t adequately trained.

Improve your skills until you master throwing with the catapult and become the hero of your beloved nation!

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