Dangerous Dash

Stop the fire nation in the Dangerous Dash game. Help Avatar Aang jump from one side to the other and kill the soldiers while achieving a high score!

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About Dangerous Dash Game

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Avatar Aang has a secret plan in mind. But he can not succeed without your help and your talent. This is why you need to help him right now, in the Dangerous Dash game. You will have to fight the evildoers and restore Avatar’s nation to the way it used to be. How? By challenging the fire nation soldiers and protecting the people. You are the only one that can do this.

As you recall, the Fire Nation is dangerous and vicious. And its soldiers are up to no good. But you can fix this. Avenge your nation and help Avatar Aang make the dangerous dash up the mountainside. Reach as high as you can and beware of all the soldiers that you might encounter. Do you feel prepared for this adventure?

Every time you achieve something, the road ahead will get more and more difficult. The rule applies to this adventure, as well. The higher you will climb the more enemies you will encounter. And the obstacles will come along, too. Just be prepared for anything to happen and learn what you need to do when you see something out of the ordinary. So what do you say? Are you ready to get to business? 

How to defeat the Fire Nation

Before you proceed to your adventure, you will need to learn the basics. As we have already told you, our beloved Avatar Aang in planning on making the dangerous dash right up in the mountains. And you will need to protect him from the soldiers of the fire nation. Not only that, but you will also make him aware of the obstacles that surround him. 

First of all, to help Aang jump from one side to the other, you will need to press the spacebar while he is running. Use this to avoid obstacles. Once you have pressed that button, Aang will also use his swords. This will help you kill the fire nation soldiers one by one. Just make sure you jump every time you see one soldier.

On your way towards the top, you will encounter some protecting bubbles. Make sure you collect them if you want to have some extra protection against the fire nation. If you defeat three soldiers in a row, you will win the power to glide and fly higher than ever. So just show the fire nation how fast your character can be and do not miss any evil soldier.

Get a high score and get your name on the leaderboard. Wait no longer, because the fire nation is dangerous and you need to stop it from doing any more evil. Do you feel prepared now? Then get ready for the adventure of your life.