Don't Touch the Bubble Wrap

Stay away from the noisy wrap in the Don't Touch the Bubble Wrap game. Don't wake them up and jump off the road when the countdown appears to stay silent!

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Everybody is fast asleep in the Don't Touch the Bubble Wrap game. They are all having the same unusual dream at the same time. Lincoln, Henry Danger, and Alvin are seeing themselves having a walk wearing their pajamas. But this dream has a weird turn. As they are walking, the road suddenly turned into bubble wrap! 

Because bubble wrap can be quite loud when it pops, you must make sure that they do not step on it. Otherwise, these guys will wake up from the dream in a cranky mood. Even popping one small bubble can mean a failed night.

How to Play

For the role of guardian of the dreams, there is only one tool for you. To get away from the road when the time comes, you only need to press the Spacebar. That will make your character jump away on one of the objects on the sidewalk. He will stand there patiently until the danger goes away. Once the bubble wrap disappears, time is to move on.

You also get to pick wich your favorite character for the game. Lincoln Loud, Henry Danger, and Alvin the Chipmunk all need somebody to watch over their dream. You could even try them all and set a new record every time. 

Every time, before the road turns into bubble wrap, you will get a warning. The countdown begins at three, and then you know you have three short seconds to find a place to hide. The faster you jump, the better. But be careful, you cannot jump on any box you see.

What else you should know

Because our characters are not yet the best jumpers, you will need to position yourself quite close to the boxes. Only then can they make a move to safety. Once standing outside the road, the character will jump back by itself when the time is right. But, if you want, you press the Spacebar or Click to go back as well.

It is nice to know that your score will be measured in feet. That means that it does not matter how much it takes you to go further. Instead, it is more important just to stay in the game. So take your time!

You will have lots of fun with this game that reminds one of the musical chairs!