Ghoul Getter

Play the Ghoul Getter game and help SpongeBob in his jumping adventure. Jump high, use the clouds to boost your jump, and reach the Flying Dutchman!

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About Ghoul Getter Game

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SpongeBob, the new ghost, is trying to reach the Flying Dutchman in the Ghoul Getter game! Now that the friendly sponge got stuck in the phantom realm, he must get to the surface and board the ghost pirate ship! However, ghosts don't have legs, and SpongeBob cannot jump that high without them! Can you give him a boost?

Help SpongeBob jump high in the sky and reach the Flying Dutchman without falling! The sky elements will boost your launch, so take advantage of them every time they appear! You can succeed as long as you stay in the air!

How to Play

To move around in the sky, use your mouse. First, launch SpongeBob off the ground by clicking. Then, you can move your cursor from side to side to chase the clouds and reach higher. SpongeBob wants to board the Flying Dutchman as fast as possible, so try your best not to fall and keep the momentum!

While in the air, you can collect some power-ups that will help you fly higher! The Jack-o'-Lantern will give you a medium bounce, and the Lightning Bolt will significantly boost your jump! However, an object you should avoid grabbing mid-air is the smelly sock!

If you want to keep track of the distance to the Flying Dutchman, look at the left side of your screen. The meter will show how high you've reached and how much you have left until you pass to the next level! It'll be game over if you fall or miss one cloud!

Can you find your way to the ghost ship and travel the ghost realm with your friend SpongeBob? Boo! Take the leap!