Hurricane Havoc

Play the Hurrican Havoc game and help SpongeBob make it out of the storm! Blow a bubble and fly across multiple sand piles while avoiding obstacles!

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Join SpongeBob in passing through a violent storm with a bubble blimp in the Hurricane Havoc game! SpongeBob doesn't like the idea of being stuck out on the surface of the sea! It is scary out there, with the crazy storms and loud thunder! However, he must travel a long way to return to Bikini Bottom. With his secret bubble formula and some courage, the happy sponge is ready to take on this adventure! Will you accompany him?

Your goal is to survive the storm for as long as possible without falling into the angry sea! It's all about timing and the strength of your soapy bubble blimps! Can you make it through this journey without a scratch, or will the sea and the evil Plankton make you give up?

How to Play

The mouse is enough to carry you through this dangerous adventure. Just click to blow a bubble and launch SpongeBob into the air. As you fly across the sand piles, your bubble blimp will lose some of its height, but you can click again to go higher and use the cursor to control its speed. To rest and drop on an island, pop the bubble by clicking on it.

At the same time, don't forget about the bubble power meter that shows you how long you can go before the bubble blimp naturally pops! The faster you fly, the more power you consume. Be mindful of this meter when crossing multiple sand piles, and avoid falling into the water, or you'll have to start over!

There are two obstacles you should also pay attention to in this journey! First, the traveling jellyfish are ruthless and will pop your bubble in their calm swim! Another obstacle is the evil Plankton himself! He will try to zap you out of the air with a remote and a powerful lightning machine. The zap can work to your advantage, as it clears the jellyfish for a short portion of your way!

Are you ready to become a great adventurer and join SpongeBob on a wild bubble ride? Don't let the furious sea swallow you!