Cruise Ship Crusades

Help Dennis find his friends in the Cruise Ship Crusades game! Search through the labyrinth, look for your missing family members, and collect the coins!

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About Cruise Ship Crusades Game

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Dennis needs to find his friends in the Cruise Ship Crusades game, and he's counting on you to help him! It seems that the characters of Hotel Transylvania 3 have been separated from each other on a cruise. The boy doesn't like being alone, so you'll have to do your best to find his family as soon as possible! 

Your job here is to help Dennis find his way back to his friends. Just like a maze, you will have to search the whole ship until you complete your task. Just watch out for obstacles because you might get sent back to the start!

How to Play

Get ready to go on a search mission! All you have to do is use your keyboard and press the Arrow Keys to move. Go around the labyrinth, find your family, and collect some coins while you're at it!

The first step is to choose a difficulty level, between Easy, Medium, or Hard. If it's your first time playing, it's best if you pick the Easy mode to practice. After that, you can retry the stage as it is or try out different difficulties.

For your first try, you will have to walk around the ship and look for Jonathan, Mavis, and Dracula. You will also have to find the 10 hidden coins before you can finish the mission. Just watch out for any holes in the deck, or you might get teleported back to the start!

If you're trying to enter closed-off areas, don't worry! Just look for any tubes around you, and they'll transport you to different parts of the ship. This challenge is just like a real labyrinth, so make sure to leave no area unexplored!

What do you think? Join your friends from Hotel Transylvania 3 and help Dennis find his family! You will surely have fun finding your favorite characters!