Comet Cup Racing

Try the Comet Cup Racing game and join Spinner for a fast-paced adventure! Are you ready to race across the planets and find all the missing twinkles?

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About Comet Cup Racing Game

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Are you ready to join an interstellar race in the Comet Cup Racing game? Spinner the Space Kid and his best friend Scooter must help Comet with a new mission. She fell asleep watching the event, and her twinkles fell onto the tracks. Will you help your friends win the race and complete their friend's task?

It's time to begin the competition! Your job is to drive through the course and grab all the twinkles you come across. However, there are many obstacles ahead, so you have to be very careful. Do you have what it takes to win against your opponents and be the first to arrive at the finish line?

How to Play

Luckily the controls here are very straightforward! You need to use your mouse to guide Spinner through the racing tracks. Just move your cursor across the screen, and your friend will follow. That sounds easy so far, right?

The race is spread across three unique locations: Planet Amazonia, Electro Speedway, and Sugar Wasteway. After you finish each round successfully, the next one will be unlocked. You must do three laps around the track and stay in first place to win. Just watch out for the other contestants because they're following you closely!

There are many obstacles scattered around each area, such as bumpers or sticky spots. Just try not to run into them, or you might lose precious seconds and fall behind.

What else you should know

You can also use the speed boosts to go super fast for a limited time. Additionally, when you pick up a twinkle, you will temporarily drive faster, so use that to your advantage!

Have you managed to finish the race? If so, your targets will make a pattern at the end. Just look closely at the repeating colors and do your best to solve the puzzle! Can you guess which twinkle is missing each time?

Let's head off to the racing tracks and help Comet! Now is your chance to join Spinner's team and assist him in his search for the twinkles. Can you be the first one to reach the finish line?