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About TMNT: Mutation Station Game

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    NuMuKi Browser
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    960 x 560
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Have you ever wondered what it takes to bring to life creatures like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? If so, the Mutation Station game is the perfect place for you! Here you will get to experiment with new types of mutants and create your specimens. Are you ready to enter the lab and start experimenting?

Your job is to develop new life forms using the available DNA samples. However, you should also train them, so there will be many tests they will have to pass to become the perfect specimen. Let's put on your lab coat and get the research started!

How to play the game

Before you begin your experiments, you should learn the controls! To navigate around the lab, you only need your mouse! The same goes for when it's time to test your subjects. You can complete most tasks with only your Left Click. However, you can also use your Spacebar if you prefer it!

The first step in your experiments is to choose your species, and there is a variety at your disposal! For example, you can pick a hammer shark, a rhino, a bear or bird, and even a plant. Don't worry if you can't decide! You can train eight mutants at a time, and if you need more space, you can delete the ones you don't like!

After you create your mutant, it's time to test them! There are ten challenges they should pass:

 - Barrel Blocker: Block the incoming items.

 - Door Dash: Slide under the closing doors.

 - Power Push: Push the heavy items for as long as possible.

 - Ledge Leaper: Jump from platform to platform and reach the highest point!

 - Deep Diver: Swim quickly to the bottom of the water tank.

 - Turtle Teardown: Punch the mutant turtles and avoid the humans.

 - Heavy, Heavy Hurdler: Jump over the obstacles.

 - Long Leap: Run fast and then jump in the sand pit.

 - Swamp Swim: Swim many laps in the water tank.

 - Burp Blast: Charge a strong burp to destroy all glass bottles.

Each challenge has a rating from one to five stars. Also, depending on how many your mutant wins, he will get a grading. So, you should have a flawless performance if you want an A-graded monster!

There is more you should know!

The challenges are tough, and the stars are not as easy to achieve as you might think! However, you can improve your mutant by buying upgrades in the Splicing station. For example, you can get wings or gills. And even orbs to increase their speed, strength, and many more! Also, you can upgrade those parts if you have the funds!

To buy the upgrades, you should acquire points by completing the challenges! Each improvement is worth several, and they will only grow more expensive! So, try to clear the tasks a couple of times, even if you don't get all the stars. Also, you might find some mutagen containers to gain extra points!

Are you ready to get started and create your mutant? Let's see if you can upgrade him to complete all the challenges with a perfect score!

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