Dark Horizons

Play the Dark Horizons game and join the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for one of their most exciting adventures yet! Can you help the team save the city?

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Any fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles needs to try the Dark Horizons game! The Sewers are the house of this incredible team, but many secrets hide here as well!

This time, our green friends have found a strange, glowing liquid dripping between the pipes. It might even reach the city's water supply and infect every person out there! Your job is to lend the turtles a much needed helping hand.

Can you find the source of this strange green sludge and stop your enemies? The safety of the city depends on you!

Get to know the heroes and the controls!

The very first step of the game is to pick out your favorite Ninja Turtle. Leonardo is the leader, which will impress you with his mature attitude. His abilities are balanced, and his favored weapon is the Double Katana.

Looking for someone a bit more aggressive? Then pick Raphael, who uses Sais to perform special attacks of high power.

Mikey is the creative one of the bunch, whose Nunchakus increase his agility and attack power.

Finally, you can pick Donatello, the genius of the team. His Bo staff significantly increases his range but diminishes his agility. Quite a tough choice, right?

The gameplay is straightforward. I'm sure you'll become a pro in no time! Use the Left and Right arrow keys to move around the scene. The Up arrow key will help you jump, while the Z key will allow you to throw Shurikens.

Beware, as there is limited ammo! Check on it and other stats, such as your life and score, by glancing at the top of the screen. If you find yourself in a pickle, look for a pizza to increase your health. Yummy and helpful at the same time!

Become a pro with just a few tips and tricks!

The coolest feature of this game is the fact that you can perform amazing key combos and watch your character make special moves. For instance, press Shift, followed by an arrow to get a good look around. Want to climb up a steep wall? Simply double press the Up arrow key. Can you find any more awesome combos?

You should always keep an eye out for unexpected foes and dangers! The fluorescent green sludge will hurt you any time it touches you, so avoid it at all costs! What is more, you will soon find that some foes are truly unbeatable! What to do when faced with them? Run, run, run!

The game is incredibly exciting because of its beautiful and diverse backgrounds. Now you have the chance to explore fascinating scenes and uncover the dark secrets hidden all over the city!

Moreover, you will often have assistance from your fellow turtles, and even get to change characters along the way! Isn't that exciting? Stop hesitating and join in on the fun!