Turtles in Space

Our ninja fellows have stranded into the Galaxy in the Turtles in Space Game! Help them rebuild their ship and safely get home before it's too late!

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About Turtles in Space Game

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Wander through the Galaxy in the Turtles in Space Game! Beeing an anthropomorphic turtle is not always easy! Especially when your spaceship has been wrecked in an ambush, and you have nothing to fight with but your bare hands. Times like these forge boys of today into the men of tomorrow. But you will meet up to the challenge, will you not?

Crush your enemies and protect the Fugitoid at all costs! Blast your path through the asteroid belt, race trough the icy, slippery slopes of the mountains, and explore the dark, exotic depths of the ocean in your way to freedom. Make sure to complete each mission with minimal damage and keep everyone safe along your journey!

How to Play

The game is quite complex. Your primary objective is to survive the hostile environment of Uatune, the planet you forced-landed on after the collision. Fail to do so, and you will be devoured in no time! You will have to complete five different missions before you can take off for Earth and take the Fugitoid safely back to New York!

To control the character, you only need to use the four Arrow Keys. Use the Space Bar for attacks and power-ups, or in combination with the arrow keys for more sophisticated moves. There is always a bar up-top that shows your Health sate, Remaining fuel, or the Oxigen supply.

Dive into the depths of the ocean to find what has remained of your ship! Pick up all the missing parts before you ran out of air! Collect bonuses, time, or more air to complete the task.

While the ship is being repaired, your job is to protect the Fugitoid. Slide in front of him through the icy mountains and collect Power-Ups for later! Use the Space-Bar to smash things in your way and achieve a higher score. Avoid icy spikes that are unbreakable! Make sure not to lose the droid in one of the ice cracks.

Teamwork is crucial!

Did you really think that escaping Uatune is that easy? Ahahaha, think again! It’s still the Mesozoic here. Heavily armored Ankylosaurs, Stegosaurus, and all sorts of reptiles have sensed your presence. This one will require teamwork!

Crush your enemies with complex maneuvers activated by different combinations of keys (Space +Up Arrow key, Down Arrow, etc.). They will all be explained to you at the beginning of the mission. Cause enough damage to your enemy to fuel your Power Bar and call a bro for help (Z key).

Once the ship is ready to launch, maneuver it carefully trough the Asteroid Belt. Have it stay in one piece this time! Collect fuel crystals to keep your craft working along the way! Hit space for fire. Destroy the asteroids and pick up the power-ups inside them to make your journey back easier and more efficient!