The Lost Frycade

Sanjay and Craig are trapped inside The Lost Frycade game and can't get out! Help your friends escape by punching and defeating every creature!

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About The Lost Frycade Game

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Oh no! Sanjay and Craig are trapped inside The Lost Frycade game! The boys decided to be funny and sneak inside their favorite arcade. Instead of playing some video games, they are stuck in one, and now they need your help! 

This is an action-packed adventure, so brace yourself! You will have to fight your way out by punching all sorts of enemies! Defeat the skeletons, flying monsters, and other creatures, and get Sanjay and Craig out of there! Are you ready for this rescue mission?

How to Play

To use your abilities and fight off your enemies, you will have to use the Arrow Keys on your keyboard. Just press the Left and Right arrows to begin punching, or go Down to avoid getting hit. If you're ready to continue the fight, simply tap on the Up arrow, and you'll be good to go!

The more hits you manage to throw, the more points you'll earn! This is not a defense game, so make sure to punch your way out of this mess. Only then you'll be able to save Sanjay and Craig!

Score some combo hits and fill up your power bar! If you do that, you'll unlock a super attack that will take down any enemy. Still, you should pay attention to your HP bar. You only have one life, so make sure not to waste it!

As you keep defeating the scary creatures, you might fill up your XP bar. When it is full, you will level up and become even stronger. You will even unlock an achievement, so make sure not to lose before you collect all the rewards!

Are you ready to begin the fight? Sanjay and Craig can't escape the game by themselves, and they need your help! Take your enemies down and save your friends now!