Iron Man: Last Stand

Help Iron Man defeat the mechanized vehicle army in the Last Stand game! Destroy the waves of dangerous vehicles with the suit's blasters and missiles!

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About Iron Man: Last Stand Game

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Iron Man must destroy all the dangerous mechanized vehicles in the Last Stand game! The city is in danger as many armored cars and helicopters have invaded the roads and the sky! Tony Stark must put on his suit and fight them to save the citizens! However, destroying mechanized vehicles will be challenging, even for Iron Man. Will you join him in this adventure?

Your role in this game is to use the suit's blaster guns and missiles to destroy the waves of dangerous vehicles. You can use everything you have to ensure the enemy doesn't stand a chance! Iron Man will win the fight with your help!

How to Play

To destroy enemy vehicles, use your mouse and keyboard. As they appear, click to fire the blaster gun and hold the right-click button to launch the missiles. The blaster projectiles will do less damage to the mechanized vehicle, while the rockets can make them explode in one shot. You can avoid incoming danger by pressing the Spacebar and jumping.

At the same time, remember that the vehicles are vicious and will fire back! Iron Man must avoid the bullets, or his suit will get damaged. The meter in the bottom left corner of the screen shows you how many hits you can take before the iron suit is destroyed! Once it turns completely red, it'll be game over, so try your best to dodge the enemy's bullets.

Lastly, the mechanized vehicles will come in waves and attack Iron Man with all their firepower. A counter on the right side of your screen will tell you how many cars and helicopters are in each wave. When you defeat them all, you'll be able to move to the next level and start fighting another wave!

Are you ready to wreak havoc and defeat the army of assault vehicles? Show them what you're made of!