Game Shakers: Scubaroo

Help the Game Shakers' kangaroo hero save the ocean in the Scubaroo game! Grab and eliminate monsters with your claw gun as you dive underwater!

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About Game Shakers: Scubaroo

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The Game Shakers are ready to save the ocean from monsters in the Scubaroo game! As toxic creatures have invaded the deep blue waters, the Game Shakers' new kangaroo hero must step in and get rid of them! With the help of his claw gun and bionic legs, Scubaroo will dive and eliminate the monsters one by one! Will you join him in his quest?

Your job is to help Scubaroo stay underwater and eliminate all the monsters that occupy the ocean! This game will test your coordination and timing, so try your best and use the hook gun at the perfect moment! It just takes some practice and concentration, but you can do it!

How to Play

To dive into the deep ocean, use your keyboard. First, you must choose the power of your jump by pressing Spacebar. The higher you jump, the deeper you'll dive, so try to stop the arrow at the top of the meter. Once you're in the water, press Spacebar again to fire the hook gun and grab the toxic monsters one by one.

As you eliminate the creatures, you collect trash that can be used as currency for upgrades. They range from Bionic Legs, which slow down the dive meter and increase the swimming speed, to the Trash Pet, which can increase the amount of garbage you collect with every monster. Other upgrades will increase the range of Scubaroo's claw gun range or slow down the boss battle meter.

You'll meet different types of monsters during your dives. After you gather some trash and destroy a few toxic creatures, you'll encounter a miniboss. To eliminate them, you must press Spacebar at the perfect time when the arrow is on the meter's green area. However, you'll need to hit the mark multiple times to get rid of the minibosses, so don't give up even if they escape your grasp once or twice!

Are you ready to help Scubaroo keep the ocean clean and monster free? With your powerful claw gun, you'll be invincible!