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About Shear Madness Game

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    NuMuKi Browser
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    750 x 500
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Test your agility on the keyboard with the Shear Madness game! You have the chance to join in on one of Timmy's adrenaline-filled adventures with the Fairly OddParents. As usual, the fairies have fulfilled Timmy's wish, but things aren't going as expected.

Because he hates haircuts, Timmy wished he'd never have to do this again. Somehow, now our protagonist is running around the yard, trying to escape a pair of menacing clippers. Can you help him escape with intact hair?

The game consists of a thrilling race that will test your agility and coordination. If you want to help Timmy get to the finish line unscathed, press the correct key at the right moment. Only players with excellent timing have a chance to succeed in this game!

How to play the game

Are you ready to sprint? Timmy will run forward on his own. Your job is to help him avoid any obstacles along the way by pressing the correct keys. 

Naturally, pressing the Up arrow will make Timmy jump. The Left arrow key will help him swing, and the Down arrow will make Timmy grind. If he comes across any foes, our protagonist can punch them if you press the Right arrow key.

Every once in a while, you'll come across some obstacles that are more challenging to overcome. For instance, you might have to hold the button to grind over a railing or swing over a large gap. It's quite a challenge!

Don't worry if all these keys seem hard to remember! The correct command will appear on the screen. However, pressing it one moment too soon or too late will cost Timmy some of his hair.

There's more you should know!

To save his hairdo, make sure you only hit the key at the exact moment when Timmy is running over the red arrow. If you fail, he'll lose one of his three lives. If all of them run out, Timmy will be bald, and you have to restart the game. How awful!

Keep an eye out for hair products as you run! They'll help Timmy maintain his hair and fill up his life. However, finding them while trying to keep up with all the obstacles along the way will be challenging. Prove that your reflexes and attention are sharp enough!

Can you help Timmy escape this hair nightmare? Even if you don't get very far at first, you'll surely improve and find a rhythm if you keep practicing. The trick is to keep your eyes on the screen at all times! Stick with it, and your gaming reflexes will become sharper than ever!

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