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⚾️ Join the fun in the Candystand Baseball game! Ready to choose your team, swing the bat, and show off your hitting, pitching, and running skills?

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About Candystand Baseball Game

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Welcome to the exciting world of Candystand Baseball game! Put on your favorite colored jersey and get ready to play ball. There are 6 cool teams to choose from: the Beavers, Scorpions, Sharks, Rhinos, Snakes, and Cougars. Each team has its very own special color, just like real sports teams. How exciting!

Now, it's your time to shine! You get to be a real baseball player, showing off your skills in hitting, running, pitching, and fielding. Select your team, and let the computer choose an opponent. Are you ready to hit home runs and run around the bases?

How to Play

Choosing Your Team and Controls:
   - Pick your favorite team. Each team is special, with different abilities in hitting, running, pitching, and fielding.
   - Use the W, A, S, D keys to move and the J, K, U, I keys for different actions. It's like having a special baseball remote control!

   - Move your batter using the W, A, S, D keys.
   - Press J to swing the bat and U to bunt (that's a gentle tap of the ball).
   - You can even call a time-out by pressing I.

Running the Bases:
   - Press W, A, S, D + K to make your runners go to the next base. W + K will make the first baseman steal second!
   - Press W, A, S, D + J to tell your runners to run back to the previous base. D + J will tell the second baseman to run back to first.

   - Press I to pitch and use W, A, S, D + J to change the pitch.
   - You can throw curve balls and fast balls by using different combinations.
   - For instance, D & S + J will throw a fast curveball!

   - Press W, A, S, D + J to throw the ball to a base. W + J throws the ball to second base.
   - Press W, A, S, D + K to run to a base. W + K runs your fielder to second base.

What else you should know

Tips and Tricks:
   - Practice swinging the bat and learn how to time your hit.
   - Mix up your pitches to keep the other team guessing.
   - Don't forget to use the right keys to run forward or backward on the bases.

Candystand Baseball is an amazing game where you can show your skills, have lots of fun, and feel like a real baseball player. Remember, the more you practice, the better you'll become. So grab your bat, put on your special jersey, and get ready to play ball with your favorite team. Let's hit some home runs and have lots of fun!