Million Dollar Arm: Fast Pitch

Give the Million Dollar Arm: Fast Pitch game a try if you are a baseball fan! Can you impress the scouts and become the next upcoming star athlete?

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Become a baseball pro with the Million Dollar Arm: Fast Pitch game! Have you seen this amazing Disney movie yet? It follows the story of J.B.Bernstein, a world-renowned sports agent. He has discovered a gold mine of talent in an unexpected place: India. Are you ready to join him as he tries to find a new baseball star? Who knows? It might be you!

Do you prefer the Story Mode or the Arcade? The first allows you to experience Bernstein's journey, while the latter is perfect for a mindless play session. Whichever one you choose, you'll have to play the role of the pitcher. Get ready to make your first throw! You'll have a blast in this game, even if you have never played baseball in your life!

How to Play

Luckily, you won't need to buy any equipment to play! The only tool you will need is your mouse. Are you ready to learn how to throw? The most basic option is the Fastball, which you can perform by clicking, dragging, then letting go of the left mouse button. Try it a couple of times, and you'll surely get the hang of this move!

To surpass all ten levels, you'll have to master a wide variety of throws. Let's start with aiming! To regulate your throw vertically, imagine three lanes: a left, center, and right. When it comes to horizontal aim, you need to start the pitch at the bottom, middle, or top of the field. It's that easy!

Each of the ten levels in story mode will require you to achieve a few goals. You only have 20 pitches at your disposal to accomplish them. To turn a throw into a strike, aim at the green zone in front of the catcher. Keep track of how well you're doing by glancing at the bottom left corner of the screen! 

There's more you should know!

Variety is the key to a good baseball player! If you want to reach the big leagues, you need to learn at least four types of throws. Besides the usual Fastball, you should also try a Curveball. To perform it, you will need to draw an upwards arch on the lane in front of you. Give it a try!

Let's go even further! A Change-Up is a surprising move that will confuse your opponents. To perform it, try to drag your mouse starting below the center of the screen, towards the back. It's not at hard as it sounds! 

Finally, you'll have to master the Slide Throw to become a pro at baseball. Draw an oblique line across the screen to send your ball flying! However, you should remember that this move turns out well only if you start at the top of the screen.

Baseball is such a cool sport! Make sure you give it a try, even if it's not very popular in your country! What better way to discover this game than accompanied by J.B.Bernstein, the famous agent? He knows all the ins and outs of the game. Join him and find out if you can become a professional baseball player, at least in the virtual world!