Blind Finned

Finn and Jake are stuck in the Blind Finned game! Help them overcome the obstacles and defeat their attackers as they travel through the Land of Ooo!

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About Blind Finned Game

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Your favorite friends Finn and Jake, need your help in the Blind Finned game! Did you ever wonder what it's like living as the two brothers in the magical land of Adventure Time? Well, it's not so easy, especially since the heroes need you to lend them a hand!

Your job is to guide the magical dog and tell him what to do so he can protect his human brother. The two of them are traveling across the Land of Ooo, but Finn is blindfolded, so he cannot watch his own back. Are you ready to help your favorite pair of heroes with this challenge? 

How to Play

Right from the start, you will be greeted by two options: to jump straight to playing the game, or to read a short guide about what you should do. We recommend reading the How to Play section first, since it may take a while to get used to the controls.

Based on the obstacles you will meet while traveling as Finn and Jake, you will have to do three actions. All you have to do is click on the screen and drag in a certain direction, depending on what the game challenges you with. 

If you see a gap in the ground, you will have to drag right to help Jake cross it. If you see an attacker, such as the Ice King, you will have to drag up to protect Finn, and finally, if you see an obstacle, you can drag down to destroy it. Sounds easy, doesn't it?

Don't worry if you choose the wrong action by mistake! You can tap on the wrong one on the upper side of the screen and quickly select a different ability for the heroes to use.

What else you should know

Right from the start, you will be asked about your preferred difficulty setting between Easy, Normal, and Insane. You should begin with the Easy setting, as the levels can be quite fast-paced and can take some time getting used to.

You can restart the game at any time, so don't worry, as you will be able to choose a greater difficulty if you are tempted to.

What are you waiting for? Challenge yourself and aim for a high score as you help Finn the Human and Jake the Dog on their journey!