Vertical Venture

Be Robin's training teacher in the Vertical Venture game. Help him climb the automated wall within a minute and get him the Gravity Defiance merit badge!

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About Vertical Venture Game

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In the Vertical Venture game, Robin is training his climbing skills on an automated wall. He and the titans fight the villains in places that need a lot of strength and agility, so he needs to constantly practice. Are you up to accompany Robin in his training routine?

Your job is to help him climb the wall while avoiding the obstacles that are meant to slow him down. Arrive at the top within a minute and earn a Gravity Defiance merit badge! Exercise your fast-thinking and control of the gameplay in this thrilling indoor experience. Today is your day to take part in a hero's training activity!

How to Play

Robin is currently at the bottom of the wall. To get him moving, press the Up arrow key. Once Robin starts moving, all sorts of hazards will try to slow him down. Use the Right and the Left arrow keys, and the titan will follow the direction you initiate. This way, you can dodge the obstacles, should they be rocks, jets of water, or lasers.

Moreover, metal automated fists will try to kick Robin. But fear not, because you can protect him by nestling the hero in one of the wall caves. Then, you should just wait there until the fists retreat. Sometimes these obstacles may come in pairs, so you should foresee the movement of the other not to get hit by it.

The automated wall is challenging to climb, but Robin has a lot of stamina! He can survive up to four hits by a hazard, after which he falls back to the bottom. Don't discourage yourself still! A hero's training has to be demanding.

Continue playing with Robin until his climbing skills satisfy the jury's expectations and reward him The Gravity Defiance merit badge!