Looney Tunes Recess

Skip, play ball, and have fun with the Looney Tunes Recess game! Join your favorite cartoon characters for five challenges that will make you smile!

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Take a relaxing break with the Looney Tunes Recess game! If you feel stressed, you can wind down in the company of some of the funniest cartoon characters you have ever met. Elmer Fudd, Bugs Bunny, Tweety, and other quirky characters wait for you in the schoolyard. Join them for a session of fun games that are bound to put a smile on your face!

Which one of the five attractions appeals to you most? All of them are easy to play, requiring just a few clicks. Besides, they only take 45 seconds each. Make sure you try them all! They are very addictive, so you'll want to gain a 3-star score for all of them. Are you ready to get started?

How to Play

Let's start by joining the world's most famous yellow bird! Do you know how to skip rope? Help Tweety win this challenge using your reflexes! All you need to do is click at the exact moment when the rope swings in front of her. It sounds quite simple, but it will be hard to earn a high score. There is a score penalty for every mistake, so try your best to keep up the rhythm!

Are you ready for some dodgeball? Elmer is going to be a challenging opponent, as he is very swift. Use the slingshot to shoot the projectile towards him. Simply click, drag, and release! However, keep in mind that there are three main courses for Elmer. Adjust your aim accordingly and try to hit the target every single time!

Outsmart Daffy by beating him at a classic challenge! How long has it been since you've played tic tac toe with your deskmate? Now you can play against a very fierce opponent. You will take turns in starting the game. The goal is simple: make a line of three symbols in a row first. Be careful, as Daffy is a smart player!

There's more you should know!

Are you a sporty person? Then you will have a blast playing basketball with Bugs Bunny, one of the best players in the Looney Tunes team. Are you good at scoring points? Try your hand at this game and see how many hoops you can score in 45 seconds. Be careful, as the height will change after each shot! Can you adjust the trajectory of the ball? Shoot without touching the rim for extra points!

Finally, let's go for a run with the fastest member of the Looney Tunes! Are you ready for a race with Road Runner? There are three lanes that he can go on, riddled with plenty of obstacles. Your mission is to click at the exact right moment to switch from one to the other so that Runner doesn't crash or blow up. It sounds easy, but you'll soon find that the faster the race becomes, the more difficult it will be to switch lanes. Can you keep up?

You'll have a blast with the Looney Tunes! All the fun and varied games are bound to keep you glued to the screen for hours, trying to earn a perfect score for each challenge. Say goodbye to boredom and start playing!