🚗 Rev up your creativity in the Create-A-Ride game! Customize your dream car, race the drag strip, or show it off in a car show, all in thrilling fun!

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About Create-A-Ride Game

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Say hello to Create-A-Ride 2.0 game! Have you ever seen those cool cars on the road with loud exhausts and custom wheels? Well, now you can create your very own super cool car! You can make it look exactly how you want, and best of all, you can take it for a spin, all without getting your hands dirty!

In this game, you are the master car builder. You get to choose everything for your car, from the wheels to the lights and even who's driving! Your job is to make a car that is just right for you. So, let's rev up those engines and start building your dream ride!

How to Play

To start, choose a car using the arrows at the bottom left. Then, get ready to customize! Use the arrow buttons on the toolbar to the right to change different parts of your car. You can add flashy strobes, cool neon lights, and even pick who's going to drive your car!

Once your car is ready, it's time for some fun! Change the backgrounds to put your car in different scenes. You can even control your car's "hydros" to raise or lower the front or back of your car. It's super fun!

If you're feeling competitive, try out the drag strip background. It's like a practice race where you try to start as soon as the green light appears, but not before. Remember, quick reactions make you a winner!

What else you should know

Want to save your car for later? Click the "VIN Number" button when you're in the garage. Write down the number it shows you, and the next time you play Create-A-Ride, you can type in that number to load your car again.

You can also take your car to the car show scene. Click on the registration booth, type in your team or car club name, and show off your car!

So, are you ready to design your dream car? Remember, this is your chance to let your creativity zoom into the fast lane. So grab your mouse, start your engines, and let's begin the car designing adventure. Have fun and happy building!