Girls Go Wheels

🚗 Jump into a city adventure with the Girls Go Wheels game! Get behind the wheel, drive around the city, complete fun missions, and make new friends!

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About Girls Go Wheels Game

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In the Girls Go Wheels game, you and your friends will hit the city streets for awesome adventures! In this game, you'll be driving around in cool cars, visiting different parts of the city, and experiencing all kinds of fun activities. It's like a big city exploration with your besties!

Your main task is super fun – complete cool missions in each part of the city. You might be picking up friends for a fun outing, grabbing clothes for a photo shoot, or zipping around to different spots. Each mission is a new adventure, and you're in the driver's seat for all the action!

How to Play

The game is controlled using the keyboard. Here's all you should know:
- A/D or Left/Right arrow keys: Steer left and right
- W/S or Up/Down arrow keys: Accelerate/Reverse
- Spacebar: Proceed to the next mission
- P: Pause game

Each level takes you to different parts of the city with new tasks to complete. Maybe you'll be picking up Gwen for her photo shoot or rushing to grab outfits from a storage unit. Every mission is a new challenge!

While you're driving around, keep your eyes on two things: the countdown timer and the damage meter. The countdown timer is ticking away at the top left of your screen – you need to finish each mission before time runs out! And watch out for bumps and crashes – they hurt your car! The Damage meter at the bottom left shows how much your car can take. If it gets too low, uh-oh, you might be in trouble!

What else you should know

Don't worry, you won't get lost. There's a handy minimap with colored dots to guide you. The green dot is you driving around. The red dot? That's where you start your mission. And the orange dot is where you need to go. It's like having a mini GPS to help you find your way to each exciting task.

And here's the best part: when you finish all the missions in one level, you unlock a whole new level! That means new parts of the city to explore and more fun missions to complete. Each level brings more fun as you zip through the streets on your cool city adventure!

Get ready to explore the city, complete exciting missions, and have a blast with your friends. Start your engine, and let the adventure begin!