El Tigre: Rapido Racer

Join El Tigre and his loved ones for Miracle City's Grand Prix in the Rapido Racer game. Pick your pilot and run past your opponents to become a champion!

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About El Tigre: Rapido Racer Game

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El Tigre, his family, and his best friend Frida decided to compete in Miracle City's Grand Prix in the Rapido Racer game! Each one brought their powerful vehicle. However, this race is not won only with speed. There are also loads of ways to disable the opponents. But any great racer needs his copilot, so can you team up with one of the characters and win the tournament?

Your role is to drive as fast as possible and dodge all the traps to win the Grand Prix! Of course, you will need sharp reflexes to nail every turn or maneuver. Will your driving skills be good enough, so you and your partner can become champions?

How to Play

It's time to get behind the wheel. But first, let's get you through the controls! Here is everything you should know:

 - Right and Left arrow keys: Steer your Powerkart.

 - Up arrow key: Accelerate.

 - Down arrow key: Brake.

 - Z: Switch between the Power-ups.

 - Spacebar: Use Power-ups.

You can play alongside El Tigre, his father, White Panther, his grandfather, Puma Loco, or his best friend, Frida Suarez. Whom you pick will not influence your race, but your vehicle will! Each one brought their trusty car, but you can freely try any of them regardless of your character! 

However, every Powerkart has some stats. Some might be faster than others, hold more power-ups, or have better handling. So choose cautiously!

There are two ways to have this race:

 - Miracle City Grand Prix: Here, you will have to race against all the other contestants and get a couple of wins on the tracks that will increase in difficulty.

 - The Custom Grand Prix: In this mode, you will go through random circuits made by other players like you!

For each mode, you will go through many circuits, and each race has three laps you have to complete. In the end, you will get some points depending on the position you finish. The contestant with the most points will be the champion of the Grand Prix!

There is more you should know!

Your victory or defeat depends on how well you use and avoid the power-ups you grab off the racing track. Here is a list of all of them:

 - Salsa Tornado: Throw it to slow down your opponents.

 - Puddle of Guacamole: Drop them behind your car to delay the other racers.

 - Jalapeno Rage: Become invincible for a few seconds.

 - Good Symbol: Get a speed boost for a while.

Your opponents shouldn't stand a chance if your timing is on point when you use them!

There are some other things you should avoid! Firstly, you should always avoid Evil Symbols. They look like power-ups but don't get fooled! They will slow down, and the other racer could pass you! Also, there will be some obstacles on the track, so try not to hit them!

Are you ready to get behind the wheel and see if you can win the Grand Prix? If so, let's pick your teammate and car and get the races started!