Ay Yi Yi of El Tigre

Help El Tigre decide to follow his father's or Granpapi's steps in the Ay Yi Yi of El Tigre game. Become a hero or villain and crush any foe you'll meet!

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About Ay Yi Yi of El Tigre Game

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El Tigre has to choose between his superhero father and the supervillain Granpapi in the Ay Yi Yi of El Tigre game! If he follows his dad's footsteps, he will have to fight Sartana of the Dead and her goons to become a hero. However, if he goes down the path of evil, he has to take down all the alarm robots around Miracle City!

This dilemma is difficult for the young hero, so your goal is to help him choose and follow a path. Firstly, you will need to see if you're more fit to become a good person or a villain by taking a test. Then you will hit the streets of the town to start the mayhem.

How to play the game

To answer the questions, you only need to use your mouse. However, when you start your fight, it will be a bit more complicated. Here is everything you should know:

 - Arrow Keys: Move around.

 - Z: Claw Attack.

 - X: Kick Attack.

 - C: Super Attack.

Be careful, though! Each attack will cost you some energy. The same goes for every hit you take from your enemies. The game is over when your energy meter is empty, so stay safe!

The first step of your journey is to see if you fall into the good or evil category. You discover this by answering some questions with three available choices. For example, if Senor Chappi is parrot-napped, will you try to save him, get a new one, or team up with his kidnappers to split the reward? Depending on your choices, El Tigre will team up with his father or Granpapi and start his journey as a hero or villain!

If you take the path of a hero, you will have to defeat the Sartana of the Dead and some members of her gang. However, if El Tigre becomes evil, he will have to take down the robots of Miracle City and their boss. Be careful who you strike, though! Once you have your mission, you can't attack the other characters, only your targets. 

There is more you should know!

For every successful takedown, you will receive some points. However, if you hit the wrong target, your score will decrease. For instance, Frida Suarez will pass you by from time to time. She is El Tigre's friend, so don't harm her!

Every now and then, you will find some items on the road. For example, if you are a hero, you should only pick up the oranges, and if you are a villain, pick up the sombreros for extra points.

There are also some items you should not miss. For instance, if you are low on energy, you can pick up the buttons with a T written on them for a plus of twenty-five energy. The same goes for Senior Chappi, El Tigre's parrot, but he will give you fifty points! Grab these as soon as you see them, so your energy meter will not drain.

Are you ready to help El Tigre find his path and smash his enemies? If so, let's answer the questions and start your adventure through the streets of Miracle City!