El Tigre: Decision of Destiny

Help El Tigre free Miracle City of every villain he encounters in the Decision of Destiny game. Use his strong claws to cut down any foe and save the day!

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About El Tigre: Decision of Destiny Game

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El Tigre, the hero of Miracle City, is in a bit of a pickle in the Decision of Destiny game. Loads of evil villains came into his town and started causing mayhem. Luckily he jumped on the case and went there to stop them all. But there are a lot of bad guys to take care of, so can you lend him a hand to get rid of them all?

Your job is to assist El Tigre in his mission and clear every last hero. You will meet many of his enemies. Don't worry! Even though our hero seems tiny, his sharp claws are powerful, and few can match his strength! Are you ready to clear the Miracle City of evil?

How to Play

You can't fight without learning the controls. Here they are:
 - Arrow Keys: Move around.

 - Spacebar: Attack.

 - X: Throw Burrito.

For every claw attack, your Energy meter will decrease. Also, the same goes if a foe hits you. Remember that your mission is over if you run out of energy. So, calculate your moves carefully and try not to get hit!

There will be many levels to clear and foes you will have to defeat. For example, you will meet the helpers of Santana of the Dead, the Guacamole monster, and some members of the Mustache Mafia.

What is more, there is a timer of a thousand seconds to take out all the foes. If you succeed, you will win loads of points and go to the next stage.

What else you should know

Luckily, there will be some power-ups to help you in his challenge. For example, you can grab the Churros to regain energy and the Clock to add some seconds to the timer.

At the same time, you can use the Iron Boots to speed up El Tigre and the Burritos to attack the enemies from afar. However, when it comes to these delicious projectiles, you will only have three, so quickly look for more if you have none left.

With all these tricks, you will free the Miracle City of villains in a flash. Are you ready to join El Tigre and start this adventure? If so, let's head into the town and see how many foes you can take down!