The Good, The Bad & El Tigre

Decide whether to steal or protect the precious art pieces in The Good, The Bad & El Tigre game. Race against Black Cuervo and keep her away from the loot!

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About The Good, The Bad & El Tigre Game

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Miracle City's protector, El Tigre, is at a crossroads in The Good, The Bad & El Tigre game. The story is about Black Cuervo, who just broke into the town's museum to steal some precious art pieces. Now, the little vigilante is battling the decision to stop her or steal all the valuables for himself. Can you help him make this decision?

Whatever path you choose, your goal is still to defeat Black Cuervo. However, she is not the only threat! Until they know you are trustworthy, the museum's guards will target both of you. With all these in mind, do you think you can stop the burglar, or will you become one?

How to play the game

Firstly, you will need to know how to get around the museum:

 - Up arrow key: Jump.

 - Right and Left arrow keys: Mover around / Escape from the guards.

 - Spacebar: Attack / Climb Walls / Activate the Security Device / Steal an object.

Also, there will be a meter to track your good and evil deeds. You will get closer to the evil or good icon and win a special power if you steal or protect the art!

There will be many levels to clear, so let's see what path is best for you. For instance, if you choose the good one, your need to activate the security system before Black Cuervo gets to the loot. After a few rounds of protecting the artifacts, you will reach the good icon on the meter. Then, you will unlock your power and become invincible to the guards, as their only focus will become Black Cuervo.

If you choose to do evil and steal the artworks, you only have to focus on getting to them before your foe. Don't worry! You can hit her using your claws to slow her down. Once you manage to achieve the evil icon, you will unlock El Tigre's long-range slash attack to hit Black Cuervo from far away. However, you'll still need to dodge the guards and not get caught.

There is more you should know!

To win a round, you need to gain more points than your enemy by protecting or stealing the artifacts. Don't worry, though! You will have some tools that might help you in this challenge. For starters, you can keep an eye on El Tigre's icon. Depending on your chosen path, he has an arrow pointing to the nearest security system or the artifact targeted by Black Cuervo.

Lastly, after every stage you win, you will achieve some skill points to increase El Tigre's stats. For example, you can max out his Speed so he can run faster to his objective or his Strength for more powerful attacks. Also, there is his Jump, which you can max out to reach higher places easier.

Are you ready to choose El Tigre's path and protect or steal the museum's artifacts? If so, let's get started and see if you will defeat Black Cuervo!