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Give the Mega Math Builder game a try and put your math skills to use! Can you solve the problems and earn various items to keep decorating your city?

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About Mega Math Builder Game

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Play with numbers and design your own city in the Mega Math Builder game! Blaze and his buddies are ready to give their race car world a makeover. However, they must use their math skills to build up each city and make it even more awesome. Will you join the Monster Machines and show off your problem-solving abilities?

It's time to start building! Your job is to decorate each location and turn it into a fabulous track for your friends to race through. However, you must first play with the numbers and solve math problems by counting and making piles of items. Do you have what it takes to complete this challenge?

How to Play

Let's decorate your city! Use your mouse and tap on a destination to start building. Afterward, click on an item to pick it up, then drag and drop it in place. That sounds easy as pie, right?

Your friends have prepared three different locations for you to design: Axle City, The Jungle, and Velocityville. Each track is unique, and you get to customize it to your liking! Just don't worry too much about your choice. After completing the city, you can head off to a new destination!

Look at the bin to the bottom of the screen to see the available items. Once you pick up a decoration, you can place it down anywhere you see a yellow outline. However, if you're not happy with the placement, you can easily change it. Just drag and drop your object to another spot until you're ready to blaze through the city!

What else you should know

Are you ready to obtain some new items? If so, it's time to test your math skills by making groups of objects, counting them, and identifying the piles with the correct number of elements. Just don't worry if you make a mistake! You can always continue the mission until you get your reward.

You can add all kinds of objects to your city, from buildings to fire hydrants, or even boost pads and ramps! Just keep in mind that you have limited spots available. However, you can always solve more problems. This way, you can earn some cool new items and improve your math skills simultaneously.

It's time to head off to the first location! Join Blaze and his Monster Machine buddies and decorate the city to your liking. Can you use your math skills to solve the exercises and earn all kinds of buildings, trampolines, and other items to play with?