Breadwinners: Punch It, B!

Join the adventure with SwaySway & Buhdeuce in the Breadwinners: Punch It, B game. Control their Rocket Van and help them deliver the Bubblegum Rye Bread!

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About Breadwinners: Punch It, B! Game

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In the Breadwinners: Punch It, B game, you'll join SwaySway and Buhdeuce on their wildest journey yet. They're not just any ducks; they're bread-delivering, high-flying heroes! The game is about zooming through the sky in the Rocket Van, ensuring everyone gets their delicious Bubblegum Rye Bread.

Your big task? Help SwaySway and Buhdeuce get through a day full of crazy challenges. You'll steer the Rocket Van, dodge duck attacks, and make sure each loaf of bread reaches its destination. It's a race against time and the dangers of the sky, but with you at the controls, they're sure to succeed!

How to Play

To guide the Rocket Van, you'll use your mouse. It's like being a pilot, steering through the clouds! If things get too speedy, you can slow down time. Just tap anywhere on the screen or press the Spacebar, and everything will move in slow motion.

The sky is full of surprises! Watch out for waves of flying ducks trying to stop your deliveries. Luckily, your Rocket Van has a secret weapon – it shoots bread slices! Aim the van just right, and you'll knock those ducks out of the sky. At the same time, be careful because those ducks may try to hit you back. Your van has a health bar at the top. If it runs out, the game ends.

As you fly, you'll find all sorts of helpful items. Grab health icons to restore some of your health, or pick up a shield blue icon for temporary protection. The laser beam icon? It's a super-powerful beam that zaps everything in its path! You can also collect Emerald Bread tokens to upgrade your van later and look for the Emerald Bread Multiplier and Magnet to make collecting even easier.

What else you should know

The game features two modes – Normal for a fun challenge and Hard for the bravest bread deliverers! You may start with the easier mode, then switch to the Hard mode once you grasp the mechanics well.

In the Main Menu, don't forget to visit Ketta's Auto-Tune-Up. Here, you can use your Emerald Bread tokens to make your van stronger and cooler. 

Ready for some insider tips? Keep an eye out for patterns in how the ducks fly. This can help you dodge and shoot more effectively. And remember, sometimes it's smarter to avoid a duck than try to shoot it down.

With clever thinking and quick reflexes, you'll become the ultimate bread-delivering champion. So, are you ready to take control of the Rocket Van and soar through the skies? Let's go on this exciting journey together!