Harry the Hamster

🐹 Join the adventure in the Harry the Hamster game! Can you build clever tunnels, dodge the cat, and guide Harry home safely? Fun awaits!

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About Harry the Hamster Game

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Get ready for an exciting adventure with our little friend Harry the Hamster! This is a fun game where you have to help Harry find his way back home. There are five different levels to explore, and each one is more exciting than the last. Watch out, though. There's a hungry cat on the prowl!

In this game, you're Harry's best friend and guide. Your job is to help Harry build tunnels to reach his home safely. You'll need to be clever and fast because that sneaky cat is always trying to catch him. But don't worry, you and Harry can work together to beat each level and make it home safe and sound!

How to Play

To help Harry, you should use your mouse to drag and drop tube pieces to make a tunnel. Make sure you join all the pieces together and connect them to the exit so Harry can scurry home without running into the cat's bowls!

Once the timer starts ticking, Harry will begin to move through the tunnels you built for him. But guess what? Even if he starts moving, you can still keep adding more tube pieces to the tunnel. You just have to be quick so that he doesn't reach the end of the tunnel too soon. You can help him avoid getting stuck and keep him safe from the cat.

Now, let's talk about some fun extras in the game. There's a key that you can click on to release Harry early. If you do this before you've finished building the tunnel, you can earn a time bonus! But be careful. This is for those who are really brave and quick with their mouse.

There's more you should know!

The more tube pieces you use to build Harry's tunnel, the more bonus points you get! Isn't that cool? But remember, if you don't make it and Harry gets caught, you can always try again. However, you will lose your score and have to start from the beginning to get a really good score.

As you move up the levels, you'll find special pieces that Harry can use to fly through the air! But make sure you're ready to catch him safely on the other side.

Playing Harry the Hamster is all about being quick, clever, and having loads of fun! Always remember to build your tunnel carefully, use as many pieces as you can, and keep an eye out for that pesky cat. With a bit of practice, you and Harry can become the best tunnel builders ever.

Are you ready to start your adventure with Harry? Let's play!

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