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Don't miss out on the Guess It game if you are a fan of game shows on TV! Have you ever wished to become a contestant? Now you have the chance to do just that! You'll have a blast without having to get off your cozy couch!

The game consists of three rounds, with a bonus for the winner in the end. You'll have the chance to battle against a random opponent, trying to guess as many answers as you can for a question. If you are the winner after the first three questions, you'll have the chance to compete in a Bonus Round for extra points. Give it a try, and you'll have a blast! 

How to play the game

After being randomly assigned an opponent, you'll get right on to the first round. Read the question carefully, and try to guess what the top four most popular answers would be! All you need to do is type out the answer.

You have 20 seconds for each try, so you shouldn't waste time. If you take too long to decide on an answer or give the wrong one, you get one strike. If you gain three strikes in a round, you can't make any more tries. The points you have earned so far will be summed up and compared to your opponents. The highest score wins!

Have you noticed that the stakes get higher with every round? The second one will double the points, while the third one will triple them. What is more, you can get a bonus of fifty points if you guess all four answers. Can you get a higher score than your opponent?

If you manage to win, you get a chance to earn even more points by completing the Bonus Round. It consists of five questions, for which you have 50 seconds in total. Give out an answer rapidly and hope it is correct! At the end of the round, the points for each of your five answers will be added together.

If you get over 100 points, you'll get a 50 points bonus. If you score more than 200, you'll receive an extra 100 points. Isn't that cool? Try your hand at this game show format and see how well you do! You'll have a blast!

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