Abby's Adventure Game

Learning the alphabet is quite fun with Abby's Adventure game! Explore farms, parks, and more while finding objects that start with different letters.

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About Abby's Adventure Game

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Get ready for an exciting adventure with Abby's Adventure game! You get to join the lovable fairy-in-training, Abby Cadabby, as she explores different places around the world. You'll visit sunny farms, lively parks, lush rainforests, sandy seashores, and even watery wetlands! It's a chance to see all kinds of amazing animals and discover new things about the world we live in.

But Abby needs your help! She's practicing her alphabet skills, and she needs you to find all the things that start with a certain letter in each location. Are you ready to put on your explorer hat and join the fun?

How to Play

Your mouse is your magic wand! Click on things in the pictures to help Abby find the objects she's looking for.

First, choose a place you want to explore. Will you visit the farm where food and animals grow? The park with trees and flowers? The rainforest with its colorful animals? The sandy seashore with crashing waves? Or the wetland full of plants and water? It's up to you!

Once you've chosen a place, Abby will tell you a letter. It's your job to find all the things in that scene that start with that letter. For example, if Abby says "B," you might look for a bee buzzing around a flower, a big brown bear, or a bunch of bananas. Click on each object as you find it.

If you need help, don't worry! Just hover your mouse over something, and Abby will tell you what it is. This will help you learn new words and sounds while you play!

Now, pack your bags and join Abby Cadabby on this letter-learning adventure! Explore amazing habitats, discover new words that start with different sounds, and have a blast. Learning the alphabet can be a wild ride!