Legendary Warrior: Goblin Rush

Play the Legendary Warrior: Goblin Rush game to experience a thrilling hunt! Test your aim and kill monsters in the jungle with the hero's bow and arrows!

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About Legendary Warrior: Goblin Rush Game

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Become a brave adventurer with the Legendary Warrior: Goblin Rush game! Have you ever wanted to become a hunter in the wild jungle? Now you have the chance to play the role of a skilled archer, whose mission is to exterminate as many cursed creatures as possible.

During your journey through the woods, you'll come across goblins and even undead warriors. Defeat them and find your way through the levels!

The game consists of 21 levels, each one of them challenging you to improve your aim and precision. Naturally, this will require a lot of patience and good reflexes! If you prove to have the necessary skills, you'll collect all 63 golden stars. Even if you don't earn any on your first try, it's still a lot of fun!

How to Play

Unlike real life, it's easy to shoot a bow in this game. To begin with, you should plan the trajectory of your projectile. Simply tap or click, then drag the cursor to set a route for the arrow. The dotted line will help you visualize it better! Whenever you're ready, release the mouse button and watch it fly! Hopefully, it will hit an enemy! 

Every enemy is different! You'll come across static goblin soldiers that are easy to kill in the first levels. However, as you advance, you'll encounter foes that jump up and down and even left to right. Besides, each one has a different movement speed. You should anticipate their movement pattern for a successful hit!

Have you noticed that some enemies are smaller than others? Don't underestimate them! As they are so tiny, they can move much faster than the rest. What is more, it's much harder to hit a smaller target with your arrow. 

Each mistake you make will cost you! Therefore, if you take too many tries to make a shot, you'll lose some of the three golden stars assigned to each level. The key to success is a lot of practice and patience. Don't be afraid to repeat a battle as many times as it's necessary!

Even if it seems impossible to be precise at first, you'll soon become a talented archer. This adventure will help you improve your reflexes while you have a ton of fun!