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Don't miss out on the FlapCat Steampunk game if you are a fan of the famous Flappy Bird challenge! Are you also a fan of cats and an admirer of the steampunk movement? Then this game is perfect for you! How far can you go in this unusual adventure? There's only one way to find out!

Have you met our adorable hero yet? The protagonist of the game is an endearing orange kitten. Have you noticed the cool jetpack and stylish goggles? The original steampunk style is what sets this game apart from similar challenges. Can you get past all 33 obstacles and bring FlapCat home safely?

How to play the game

If you have tried the Flappy Bird game, then you will get the hang of the controls in no time! Click once to untie the kitten from the zeppelin and start your adventure! Next, all you need to do is control the height of his flight.

How do you do that? Just click to give the jet pack a little boost. Even though it sounds easy, you'll find that you must be very precise! Only the best fliers will reach the end of this journey.

Can you pass through all the obstacles? Make sure you approach all the tunnels in front of you with caution! Your kitten can pass through them only if you carefully control his position with a few well-timed clicks. Don't mess up!

What else you should know

If you crash against the walls even once, you will need to restart the game. Luckily, the map of the level doesn't change, so you'll know what to expect after a few tries!

Don't get discouraged if you only score one or two points on your first tries! If you keep practicing, you'll memorize the pattern of the obstacles. Besides, your reflexes will sharpen, allowing you to react quicker!

How far can you go? Challenge your buddies to a friendly competition and see who can set a new FlapCat Steampunk record!

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