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🐟 Join your piranha for new adventures in the Feed Us 5 game. Ready to explore new underwater areas and test your skills with thrilling missions?

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In the Feed Us 5 game, the adventure continues with our favorite little piranha! This time, the journey starts in a local aquarium, where the piranha must escape to explore new waters. Ready for some action?

Your mission is to guide the piranha on a new quest. Eat as much as you can, accomplish cool missions, and collect enough blood to upgrade your fish. Unlike previous games, there's no race against time now, so you can explore and complete your missions without any rush.

How to Play

All you need is your mouse to control your piranha! Move the cursor in the water, and the fish will follow. When it's time to attack, just click on your target and the piranha will do the rest.

Unlike the previous games, you start your adventure in an aquarium, and your first task is to find a way out. Once you're in the open water, the real fun begins with a variety of thrilling missions.

You'll find multiple underwater areas to explore. You can move from one area to another by building momentum and jumping out of the water. But remember, your piranha can only stay out of water for a limited time. There's an oxygen meter that shows how much time you have left before you need to dive back in.

A new change in this episode is the way you complete missions. You'll have to clear multiple specific objectives in a level to clear it, like sinking a certain number of boats, reaching a specific place, and collecting a minimum of litres of blood. But unlike previous games, there's no timer counting down. This means you can take your time to explore and complete the tasks at your own pace.

What else you should know

As you go through the game, eating is still very important. When you eat, you collect blood, which you can use for various upgrades. You can increase the number of piranhas, make your piranha swim faster, strengthen your spine for better boat attacks, enhance your jaws for quicker eating, and toughen your scales for extra protection. Each of these upgrades helps you in different ways, making it easier to complete your missions and explore the world.

For even more fun, the game also lets you enter cheats for various effects. Here's the full list:

- BITE: Eat an enemy in just one bite.
- BREAD: Instantly get +10 litres of blood.
- PADDED: Makes your main piranha invincible.
- KING: Turns your piranha into a massive one.
- FLEES: Shrinks your piranha to a very tiny size.
- SPEEDY: Your piranha sticks closely to the mouse cursor for faster movement.
- BOOST: Gives you an infinite number of tail boosts.
- GOTAIR: Enjoy unlimited oxygen for those daring land adventures.
- KRAKEN: Call the Kraken faster (only works if Kraken is already unlocked).

Remember, cheats are just for fun and can change how the game is played!

So, are you ready for new adventures? Get ready to explore, complete missions, and upgrade your piranha for even more fun in the water!

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