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The Feed Us 4 game continues the series of action-packed adventures with new missions and dangers. Ready to turn your piranha into a ferocious beast?

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Dive into the underwater world with the Feed Us 4 game, where our favorite hungry piranha is back for another splashy adventure! This time around, the game brings a brand new story and a map filled with even more challenges. You'll find this sequel has more surprises and fun than ever before.

Your mission? You're the clever piranha, out to explore the vast ocean and accomplish thrilling missions. This version brings new tasks, like escaping from a plane and navigating through more complex scenarios. It's all about being quick, smart, and hungry!

How to Play

In this underwater quest, your trusty mouse is all you need. Guide your piranha through the waters by moving your cursor. Wherever you point, your fishy friend will follow.

This episode starts with a unique twist: your piranha is being transported in a plane, and your first mission is to help him escape into the ocean. This sets the stage for a series of new and thrilling tasks.

Once you're in the ocean, the game introduces a range of new features. For instance, attacking your targets has been made simpler – just click on a person or a boat, and your piranha will do the rest. This new click-and-attack feature makes the gameplay smoother and more engaging. 

Be careful, though, as the ocean is full of dangers. You'll encounter submarines that pose a threat to your piranha. There are also underwater mines that can explode on contact and larger predators lurking in the depths. These new dangers add an exciting level of challenge to the game.

What else you should know

Missions in this episode are more diverse than before. You might find yourself searching for the plane's black box or causing havoc at the docks. In some missions, you even have to blow yourself into a mine.

Remember, each level is timed. You need to complete your mission before time runs out, or you'll have to start over. So make every move count. And don't forget about the treasure chests that add precious seconds to your timer.

With new missions and updated gameplay, there's always something to look forward to. Ready to test your skills with these new twists and see how powerful your piranha can become? Dive in and start exploring the depths of this fun-filled ocean adventure!

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