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Dive into Feed Us: Lost Island to guide your hungry piranha on thrilling adventures! Explore new worlds, upgrade your fish, and enjoy unique challenges.

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About Feed Us: Lost Island Game

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In the Feed Us: Lost Island game, the adventure continues with our hungry piranha friend, who's back for more exciting underwater action. This 6th episode of the popular series brings a splash of new features, making it more captivating than the earlier episodes. There's a whole new world to explore with six fresh environments ready for our finned hero to discover.

Your mission is to guide this eager piranha through various challenges. This time around, the game includes more tasks and bigger adventures. You'll need to help the piranha eat more, grow stronger, and tackle new objectives in these uncharted waters.

How to Play

Control the piranha using only your mouse: simply move your cursor, and your fish will follow. Spot a person in the water? Click on them, and watch as your piranha zooms in for a snack!

Sinking boats is just the beginning. As before, bump into boats to send them underwater, then dive in to munch on the people. Each person you eat helps you collect blood, which you can use to make your piranha even more awesome. Upgrade with seeds to grow your piranha squad, fins for speed, a stronger spine, sharper jaws, tougher scales, and a faster tail.

Remember to stay away from boat motors and other bigger predators in the waters, which can hurt your piranha if you're not careful.

You can even leap out of the water to chase people or find new areas to explore.

What's New in Feed Us: Lost Island

This version is packed with new items to buy, like cool paints, nifty weapons, and even fun hats! There's also a handy sonar to find ships and people. These items unlock as you complete special missions.

Along with the usual ship-sinking and people-eating missions, you'll find new missions like collecting blood or eating birds and other fish, each in specific areas you'll need to find yourself first.

Also, there are more dangers you should be aware of - new predators like whales and alligators who can turn the tables on you!

What else you should know

If you're looking to add a bit of fun, these cheat codes are your ticket to a more thrilling experience:
- POPOUT: Unlocks all items in the shop (except for Air Strikes).
- APPETITE: Doubles the amount of floating meat available.
- HARDFISH: Makes classic seeds invincible.
- TRAVEL: Unlocks the fast travel option in the pause menu.
- TINY: Reduces your main piranha to a tiny size.
- MASSIVE: Enlarges your main piranha to a very large size.
- EPICJUMP: Increases your jumping ability, allowing for higher jumps.
- DEADARMY: Turns all humans into skeletons.
- BEAST: Makes your piranha invincible.
- SLOWCOW: Slows down all enemies.
- WARNING: Deactivates all warnings.
- WAR: Every human character will throw spears.
- PEACE: Disables all humans from throwing spears.

With lots of upgrades and missions, there's always something new to try. Are you ready to take on the challenge and see how powerful your piranha can become in these new worlds? Jump in and start the adventure!

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