Try the Jacksmith game and learn how to craft various weapons for your warriors! Choose your ore and mold, melt it, pour it, and build the best gear!

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About Jacksmith Game

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With the Jacksmith game, you finally get to play the primary role in a fascinating tale! You will step inside a magical world, where the main hero is a donkey blacksmith who wants to embark on an epic quest. Will he be able to save princess Liliana from the wrath of Dudley, the evil mouse wizard? The success of his mission is entirely up to you!

Unfortunately, Jacksmith is not the greatest warrior in the kingdom. Luckily, he can hire the help of local soldiers. Your job is to craft powerful weapons for them in exchange for their support. Are you brave enough to face the terrifying creatures in this realm? Don't forget that the faith of each battle relies on your craftsmanship!

Are you ready to head out on a heroic journey? The game consists of a series of challenging confrontations between the local soldiers and some terrifying creatures, such as Screechlings and Trailsnappers. However, the most important part happens right before each battle! You will need to craft appropriate weapons for your warriors.

How to Play

Don't be intimidated! Luckily, being a blacksmith is much less exhausting if you play an online game. For instance, your only tool is the mouse. From melting ores to hammering the edge of a blade, everything can be done with just a click! Follow the detailed instructions for each stage, and keep a steady hand if you want to win!

The first step is for you to collect the orders from the local soldiers. Next, it's time to fire up the forge and start crafting! It's quite important to pay close attention and try to ace each stage, from choosing the right ore to assembling all the armament components. The closer you are to perfection, the better your weapons will be!

However, make sure you don't take too long! Besides, you should try to work on multiple weapons at once to save some valuable time. Why is multitasking so important? You receive extra gems for any time left over at the end of the weapon-crafting stage. Can you be fast and efficient at the same time?

Gems are incredibly handy, as they constitute the in-game currency. You can use them to buy better ores and invest in components to make your weapons more effective. Isn't that cool?

There's more you should know!

Now, it's time to fight! Thankfully, you will receive information from your trusted friend, Scout, about the types of enemies you will encounter. Although you don't have to fight yourself, this doesn't mean that you have nothing to do at this stage!

As you watch the soldiers attack the strange creatures, make sure you collect the gems and ores left behind on the battlefield. They will undoubtedly come in handy!

What is more, you can also use a cannonball after getting through the game's first stages. Help Jacksmith load up the cannonball, then blow up your enemies! This will help your brave soldiers defeat the series of dangerous rivals. Isn't that cool?

Try your best to slay all the foes ahead of you, including the last one! It's the only way to get hold of the valuable treasure, including new designs for weapons. This will come in handy, especially when you face the mighty Dudley and his acolytes!

Do you have what it takes to become the most skilled blacksmith in the realm? You have the opportunity to create unique designs and gather rare resources from all over the land. Your exquisite weapons will make your soldiers practically unbeatable!


Can I play Jacksmith without Flash?

Yes, you can still play Jackmith on NuMuKi without the Flash Player Plugin.