Jennifer Rose: Romantic Library

💕 Dive into a world of books and love in the Romantic Library game! Can you help Jenny find perfect reads for visitors while juggling her budding romance?

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About Jennifer Rose: Romantic Library Game

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Ever wanted to run your own library? In the Romantic Library game, you get to do just that! You'll be helping Jenny Rose, the friendliest librarian around, who loves books almost as much as she loves her boyfriend. The library is always full of people who need your help finding the perfect book to read.

Your job is to make sure everyone leaves the library happy. That means finding them the right books and maybe even some notepads, pencils, or a drink if they're thirsty. But it's not just about books – there's a little romance in the air, too! Jenny's boyfriend keeps visiting her, and you'll get to play matchmaker between them.

How to Play

When a visitor walks in, you can help them find a table by tapping or clicking on them and dragging them onto an empty table. After a moment, a picture of a book will appear above their head, showing you exactly what they want to read. To find the book, tap or click on the matching bookshelf. Then, bring the book to the visitor by tapping or clicking on their table.

When a visitor is done reading, a coin icon will appear above their head. Click on the table to collect the coins and let them leave. Don't forget to tidy up by returning the book to its proper shelf!

Sometimes, Jenny's boyfriend will visit. To keep him happy, tap or click on him to chat and flirt. Be careful, though! If the janitor sees you flirting, you'll lose a life. If the boyfriend gets bored, he'll leave, and you'll lose a life, too. You have five lives to start with, so use them wisely!

What else you should know

You need to collect enough coins from tips in each level to reach the target amount shown at the bottom of the screen. Each day in the game ends when the time is up, and all the visitors and Jenny's boyfriend have been helped. If you've reached the goal, you'll move on to the next level!

The money you earn from visitors can be used to buy cool upgrades for the library. You can buy Jenny new clothes, get comfy chairs for the visitors, add more tables so everyone has a spot, and even get a fancy water machine to keep everyone hydrated.

Ready for a fun and heartwarming adventure filled with books and a dash of romance? Come on and help Jenny make it the best it can be!