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🚀🐢 Launch a fearless turtle as far as you can in the Toss the Turtle game! Aim, upgrade, and see how high and far you can send him flying.

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About Toss the Turtle Game

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Welcome to the Toss the Turtle game, where a daring turtle is ready to fly high and far! This is a thrilling challenge to see how tough our turtle's shell really is. Armed with a massive cannon, the game is set up for some serious turtle-launching action.

Your mission is to launch this heroic turtle as far as you can! You get to blast him out of a giant cannon and then help him soar through the sky. Let's see how far you can send him flying!

How to Play

Here's how to launch the turtle:
- Mouse Cursor: Adjust cannon direction
- Mouse Click: Hold to adjust power / Release to shoot
- WASD keys: Control the turtle's direction while in the air

Once the turtle is in the air, the fun begins! You can wiggle and steer the turtle to make it fly as far as possible. It's pretty cool because you can try to land on things that'll bounce you higher or zoom you forward. But watch out! Some things might stop you in your tracks.

Here's another cool twist: you also have a slingshot. While the turtle is in the air, you can give it a boost by shooting it with the slingshot. This is especially effective when the turtle is on its way down, giving it an extra push. But you have to use this wisely – you only get three slingshot shots per launch, indicated by the icons on the left side of the screen.

Each flight earns you cash based on how far the turtle flies. You can use this cash to get upgrades for your cannon and cool gadgets for the turtle. These upgrades make your next launches even more epic!

Upgrades List

Get ready to boost your turtle's flight with these upgrades! Each one adds a cool twist to your launches:

Rock Pack ($1,000) - This jet pack's a bit heavy and slow, but hey, it flies! Click to zoom off with free fuel refills.

Chest Bomb ($2,000) - Strap this bomb on, and if you stop moving – BOOM! It's a one-time thrill.

Jet Pack ($25,000) - Super smooth and flies super high. Gotta have the Rock Pack first, though. Click and soar!

Missile ($60,000) - Who needs jet packs when you've got a missile? Super fast! Swap out your Jet Pack and click to blast off.

Big Cannon ($10,000) - Strong and reliable, perfect for shooting yourself into the sky.

Super Cannon ($40,000) - Flashy buttons and a mega blast. Upgrade from your old cannon for more power.

Gold Cannon ($100,000) - The fancy cannon! Super comfy and sends you really far. Trade a good cannon for this one.

Nuclear Thingy ($10,000) - Huge explosions? Yes, please! Buy a bunch and click to go BOOM.

Tank ($200,000) - The ultimate cannon fun! It's the most powerful and coolest cannon in the shop.

Are you ready to help our turtle friend break records and prove the strength of his shell? Launch into action and see how far you can go!