Royal Ruckus

Marceline and the LSP are fighting baddies in the Royal Ruckus game! Help them defeat the evil creatures and collect all the treasures for better scores!

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About Royal Ruckus Game

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Marceline and the Lumpy Space Princess are looking for trouble in the Royal Ruckus game! They adventured into the Dungeon of the Crystal Eye! Evil spirits started to attack them, and now they need your help!

Your job is to keep the two Adventure Time characters safe from their enemies! You need to defeat these evil spirits and get out of the dungeon! Remember that the mischievous ghosts can easily outnumber your hero, so fight them with much force! 

How to Play

At the beginning of the game, you need to choose between Marceline and the Lumpy Space Princess! After that, the dungeon map will appear, so try to remember it! You always need to know where the exit is! Therefore, to move your character, you have to press the Right and Left, Up and Down arrows! When it’s time to attack, use the W, A, S, and D keys and eliminate all your enemies! 

If any of the evil spirits touch your character, you will lose a life! There are only three of them, so don’t let that happen! Hence, make sure you are the first one to attack! Also, at the end of each level, an evil Boss awaits your character! You have to beat them to advance to the next level! 

Along the way, you will receive various Weapons and Powerups! You can get items, such as Hearts that boost your life, or a Yellow Potion that speeds your character up! They assure your survival, so try to always pick them up! Even better, treasures and goodies help you increase your scores! Pay attention and collect all of them when they fall on the ground! 

Both Marceline and the Lumpy Space Princess are up for a challenge! You have to ensure their safety and help them defeat the mischievous creatures in the dungeon!