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Explore the Kmart Haunted House game to solve puzzles and escape spooky rooms! Dive into a fun Halloween adventure, unlock doors, and find your way out.

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About Kmart: Haunted House Game

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Kmart Haunted House is an online escape game where players are locked inside a haunted house and need to find their way out. Developed by Kmart, the game sets players in various Halloween-themed rooms within the house, each holding puzzles and challenges. The focus is on escaping, using clues and items found along the way.

Your role is to explore each room of the haunted house, solving puzzles to unlock doors and advance. Your ultimate goal is to locate the key to the front door to escape. This will require careful observation and clever problem-solving as you move from room to room.

How to Play

Moving around in the haunted house is simple - just use the arrow keys to guide your character through the rooms. When you need to pick up items or open doors, press the Spacebar.

As you wander through the house, you'll encounter doors that won't open unless you have the right keys or skull lanterns. Pay attention to the colors and shapes of the locks to help you figure out which key fits! Your character can hold up to four items in their inventory at a time, so managing what you carry is crucial to progressing through the game.

In the game's interface, you'll see an 'energy' meter shaped like a jack-o'-lantern at the bottom left of your screen. This meter decreases whenever you touch any obstacles like cats, bats, ghosts, or sneaky skeletons. If you get too scared (or hit by a trap), you'll need to find candy pieces marked with a red heart to restore your energy and keep playing.

What else you should know

At the top left of the screen, under the My Stuff section, This is where you can keep track of the items you've collected throughout the house. It helps you know what you have and what you still need to find.

A good tip is to remember the layout of the house. As you explore, make a mental map of where you've been and which doors still need keys. Sometimes, going back to previously visited rooms can reveal new items or clues! Also, don't rush - taking your time can help you avoid unnecessary scares and losing energy.

Whether you're dodging ghosts or hunting for keys, each challenge is designed to be engaging and rewarding. So grab your favorite costume and get ready to explore the haunted house—you never know what surprises await around each corner!