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Jump back into adventure with the William and Sly 2 game! Can you help Sly explore magical landscapes, uncover secrets and find hidden journal pages?

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About William and Sly 2 Game

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Get ready for a brand new adventure with our brave little fox, Sly, in the William and Sly 2 game! The sun is shining bright, and the world is full of big trees, tall cliffs, and hidden caves that are just waiting to be explored. Are you in the mood for this journey?

Today, Sly has a very important job to do. Some cheeky gnomes have been causing trouble and have torn up William's special book, scattering the pages everywhere! Now, it's up to Sly to find all the pages and put the book back together. But that's not all - Sly also needs to uncover hidden treasures and unlock new abilities on his adventure.

How to Play

To move Sly around, you'll need to use your keyboard. Here are the control keys:

 - A/D or Left/Right arrow keys: Move left and right.

 - W or Up arrow key: Jump.

 - Spacebar: Toggle Map On/off.

 - B: Toggle Journal On/Off

Remember, Sly is not afraid of anything, so go ahead and explore everywhere you can!

This time, Sly already has a map you can use from the beginning. The map will help you find your way around the big, beautiful world and even help you plan your adventure.

While you're looking for the pages of William's book, you might find some special places called shrines. At these shrines, Sly can learn new things that can help him on his adventure. One of these things is very important for finishing the game, so make sure you find it!

What else you should know

Remember the fairyflies from the first game? They're back! These little friends can help Sly complete his quests. If you want to know more about Sly and his story, press [B] to read the book's pages as you find them.

Playing the game is lots of fun and not too hard. There are no scary monsters to worry about like in the first installment, so Sly can focus on exploring and finding mushrooms. The more mushrooms Sly finds, the more fun he has!

William and Sly 2 is a magical adventure filled with fun and exploration. The forest is your playground, full of wonders and secrets waiting to be discovered. So, put on your explorer's hat, and let's start the adventure!

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