Madness Regent

Show your sharpshooting skills in the Madness Regent game! Ready to join Hank in this action-packed adventure and defeat Tricky, the Evil Clown?

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About Madness Regent Game

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Madness Regent is an action-packed game inspired by the Madness series. In this game, you step into a world where quick reflexes and sharp shooting are key. The game revolves around exciting shootouts and navigating through challenging environments.

The action is set in Nevada, where you take on the role of Hank, a character on a critical mission. Your main goal is to get through enemy lines and defeat Tricky, the Evil Clown. This journey is filled with obstacles and enemies, but as Hank, you have the skills and tools to overcome these challenges and succeed in your mission.

How to Play

Here's how to control Hank:
- Left/Right arrow keys: Move left and right
- Up/Down arrow keys: Aim the gun up or down
- S: Jump/Double Jump
- A: Shoot

As Hank, you're equipped with an awesome automatic gun that never runs out of bullets. This means unlimited action as you journey through the game! You'll encounter countless enemies trying to stop you, so be quick to aim and fire before they can reduce your life points.

You'll start with 20 health points. Every time an enemy hits Hank, a health point is lost. Keep an eye on your health points at the top left corner of the screen. If they all run out, it means the game is over. But don't worry – every game is a new chance to try again!

As you move forward, the challenges grow. You'll meet stronger enemies and face other dangers like burning lava or machines shooting at you. Each level brings its own surprises and tests your skills a little more.
Your journey through the game is a test of both your shooting accuracy and your ability to dodge and weave through hazards.

What else you should know

Remember, timing is key! Jumping at the right moment and accurately shooting can save you from tricky situations. Also, keep moving – staying in one spot makes you an easy target. It's all about balancing your attack and defense to keep Hank safe and victorious.

This game is perfect for those who love a good platformer challenge. It's not just about shooting and jumping but also about quick reactions. Are you ready to step into Hank's shoes and embark on this thrilling journey? Let's see how far you can go!