Raft Wars

Try the Raft Wars game to help Simon and his brother protect their treasure from thieves. Aim your weapon flawlessly to bring down all upcoming rafts.

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Who doesn't love a relaxing day at the beach? However, in the Raft Wars game, it's not a usual vacation! The young Simon found loads of precious gold and diamonds while digging around the beach. But the news travels fast, and many thieves are coming for his treasure. Can you help him and his brother defend what's rightfully theirs?

Your job is to go into battle alongside the two brothers and get rid of the incoming greedy thieves! The only way to do this is by shooting them down from your raft! Will your aim be good enough to defend young Simon's treasure?

How to Play

Before getting into battle, you have to learn the controls! Luckily, they are pretty easy! You only need to drag your mouse around to aim and hit Left Click to launch your projectile! After, you need to wait for your opponent's turn! However, if you shoot well enough, there will be no attacker to make a move!

You will encounter many enemies throughout the levels! However, you will have several shoots available to finish them. If you can't, you will lose the treasure! At the same time, they might get you first if they do too much damage to your raft and you do not hit your mark! There will also be some animals that can make your job even harder!

Luckily, you can buy some items that can come in handy! After you win one round and gain some credits, you can use them in the store! For example, you can purchase grenades or bombs to inflict more damage on your enemies! Or, you can upgrade your raft to make it harder for your foes to bring you down. It's your choice!

Are you ready to defend young Simon's treasure from the greedy thieves? Join him and his brother and build an indestructible raft!

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