Rainbow Dash's Cloud Bump

Ponyville's skies are filled with clouds in the Rainbow Dash's Cloud Bump game! Can you help Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy clear the way for the sun?

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About Rainbow Dash's Cloud Bump Game

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In the Rainbow Dash's Cloud Bump game, the skies above Ponyville are filled with heaps and heaps of clouds, casting a gloomy shadow everywhere. It looks like the lovely town of Ponyville might not see the sun today unless someone steps in to save the day!

Your mission is to help Rainbow Dash and her friend Fluttershy clear up the sky. They have to bump into as many white clouds as they can to bring back the sunny skies. But beware! There are some tricky rainy grey clouds, too. 

How to Play

Rainbow Dash is super excited to fly but needs you to guide her. Using the arrow keys, you can make her zoom to the left, right, up, or down in the sky. Easy, right?

While you're in the sky, you'll spot some soft, fluffy white clouds. Each time Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy bumps into these clouds, a special bar at the bottom of the screen fills up a little. The goal? Fill up that bar completely to win and bring sunshine back to Ponyville!

Now, here's a surprise: Fluttershy is here to help, too! Even though you can't guide her like Rainbow Dash, she's smart. She'll fly up and down, trying her best to bump into those white clouds. She's super excited to lend a hoof and make the bar fill faster.

What else you should know

Watch out for those sneaky rainy grey clouds. They're not so friendly. If Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy bumps into one, they'll trip and lose a bit of time. And time is super precious in this game.

There might be moments where you'll find patches of white clouds together, so keep your eyes open. Bumping into these can give a quick boost to your progress bar!

The skies of Ponyville await your help! With two ponies ready to fly and a sunny day just waiting to shine, there's loads of fun in store. So let's dodge those grey clouds, and let's make Ponyville sunny again!