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Prepare the tastiest dishes in the Caillou the Cook game. Help Caillou’s grandmother to cook the perfect food by finding the right ingredients!

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Ah, every gourmand loves to cook, too. Don’t you agree? Tasting the fresh food, smelling the scent of a freshly baked pie are some of the best feelings ever. And especially when it is the recipe of your grandmother. In the Caillou the Cook game, you will get the opportunity to cook your favorite dish alongside Caillou’s grandmother. Doesn’t it sound lovely?

We can already taste the remarkable food that you will be soon preparing. And you will be able to eat it right out of the oven because your grandmother will be there. You will need to help her around the kitchen, though. Because she can not do all of the things alone. Make sure you do not mistake the ingredients, though.

Fresh pasta, cookies, chocolate cake, and all of the other recipes that you couldn’t even dream of will be prepared during this game. Do not let your grandmother alone when she needs you. Help her cook all of the above if you want to have something delicious to eat. Be a true gourmand, and prepare the best dish alongside your grandmother.

Follow the recipes!

It is easy to cook, but you will need to know where all of the required ingredients are. So make sure you search for the right ones while cooking.

Caillou will be the one proposing the perfect recipe. And the ingredients that you will need will be listed at the bottom of the screen. Look at them and try to remember how they look like when you start cooking.

Now, let the search begin. All you have to do is to click on the cupboards to find the place of the right ingredients. If you see that you need the milk, look for it in every closet possible. The same goes for flour, butter, or pasta.

You can also look for the ingredients in the fridge or maybe even on the counter. Now just click on the elements that you think are the right ones for the recipe.

Remember the fact that you can find more ingredients than the ones that you need. So be careful. Some of them might not be the right ones. And if you mix them together with other ingredients, the taste can be awful.

Do not worry, though. Just pay attention to the details. Once you have all of the rights ingredients on the table, click on the bowl to prepare the food. Good appetite, our beloved friend!