Coloring with Caillou

The Coloring with Caillou game is great if you want to get creative without the mess! Will you join your favorite four-year-old as he explores the world?

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Any little artist should try the Coloring with Caillou game! I'm sure you are familiar with this curious little boy that likes to try new things and question everything. Would you like to join him in an artistic venture? It's going to be a lot of fun!

The best part of this game is that it allows you to let out your inner artist without all the mess! Are you tired of all the paint stains and water spills? Now you have the opportunity to color to your heart's content without cleaning up afterward. Doesn't that sound cool?

To begin with, you need to decide on your favorite picture. All of the four options show Caillou doing some of his favorite things. Do you like the one where he plays football or the swimming pool scene? You can also join the protagonist as he plays baseball or rides his iconic green tricycle. 

Dip your virtual brush and start painting!

Let's get started with the fun part! The gameplay is incredibly simple. Use your mouse to select one of the ten available colors. Now, it's time to pick an element on the drawing on the left side of the screen and fill it in!

Now that you get the basics let's talk about the different brush options. You have three modes of coloring available: a small brush, a large brush, and the 'fill in' option.  Keep in mind that using a brush makes it harder to stay inside the lines!

Have you made a mistake? Thankfully, you have two options to fix it. For once, you can click the Erase button found underneath the brushes. It will clear out the entire drawing. If you need to fix something more detailed, simply dip in the sweeper in white. Easy as pie, right?

Read the captions above each image to learn more about Caillou's hobbies! You will have a great time developing your creativity joined by this clever and curious young boy.