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Be the best gardener of all times in the Gardening with Caillou game. Plant the lovely flowers, water them, use some fertilizer, and watch them grow!

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Gardening can be so relaxing,  and the flowers are so beautiful. We have always wanted a garden only for ourselves. And we are sure that you can empathize with us. In the Gardening with Caillou game, you get the fantastic opportunity to take care of your garden and grow whatever you want. 

The plants have a life, too. So it might be tricky to grow and take care of them at the beginning. But we know that you have it in you. So do not worry. Just follow the specific steps of gardening, and your plants will be safe. Do you know what these steps are? We will shortly tell you a few things about gardening, but you will also need some intuition.

So are you a natural talent in gardening? Do you love colorful plants? Would you do anything to protect them? Then what are you waiting for? See what you need to do so that your plants will grow and create the prosperity that you want to see in your own lovely garden right now!

Start planting some lovely flowers!

There are so many options and possibilities for your garden. Just decide what you want it to look like and start planting the seeds. Choose the flower that you want to plant in this beautiful garden. It can be a rose, a daisy, a petunia, a tulip or a sunflower. And remember that the flowers are not the only ones that you can plant.

You can also grow vegetable bushes, fruit trees, and whatever you want. Make the best selection, and just take good care of them. Once you have chosen the seeds, start watering them and using some fertilizer. Be careful, though. If you use too much water or fertilizer, you risk killing them. 

When the plants are done growing, you can also choose to cut them and make a lovely bouquet. Once you have cut them down, you can plant something else instead.

Use your imagination and create the perfect garden. Are you ready to begin this adventure? Do you feel prepared to grow the most beautiful garden? Join us and show us what a wonderful gardener you are!