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Dive into the Beauty Resort 3 game to manage your own bustling beauty paradise! Ensure each customer leaves happy and pampered. Ready to run the show?

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About Beauty Resort 3 Game

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In the Beauty Resort 3 game, you're the boss of the coolest new beauty spot in town! This game is all about running a bustling beauty resort that's just opened its doors. Customers are flocking in, looking for some pampering and relaxation, and your resort offers everything from spa treatments to fancy makeovers.

Your big challenge is to make sure every customer gets the royal treatment they're looking for. You'll be in charge of guiding them to different beauty stations and making sure they're super happy with their experience. It's a fun adventure in multitasking and keeping up with the fast-paced world of beauty and relaxation. Are you ready to show off your resort management skills?

How to Play

When customers come in, they'll have little icons above their heads showing what they want, like a relaxing time in the hot tub or a fancy nail makeover. You have to direct each customer to the station they want to go to. Just click on them, slide them over to the right spot, and let go of the mouse to drop them off.

At first, your resort only has some basic stations like the hot tub and nail spot. But, as you play and earn money, you unlock more stations like a Whirlpool and even a chill meditation station. You can also use your earnings to upgrade your stations and decorate your resort to make it the most awesome spot in the city.

Some stations need your magic touch. For example, at the nail station, you'll have to click to start doing the customer's nails. And after each use, you need to clean the stations to keep your resort looking neat and tidy. 

What else you should know

Watch out for the customers' happiness levels. Every customer has a row of hearts that show how happy they are. If they have to wait too long, they start losing hearts, and they might leave without tipping or even paying!

And here's a cool trick – if a customer wants to do a bunch of things, like get a massage, then hop into the spa, and finish with nail art, you can line up all these tasks in one go. Just click on each service in the order you want them to do it.

As you move up in levels, more customers will come, and they won't all be as patient. You'll have to figure out how to make everyone happy, especially when lots of them want the same service at once. Remember, only one customer per station at a time!

Can you keep up with the hustle and bustle and make your beauty resort the best in town? Dive in and show your skills in resort management!